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NOV 23 - MODERN VINTAGE FLEA - FOOD TRUCK VENDOR SPACE (tap/click for more details)

Join us for southern California's all new Maker & Vintage flea market!  

Dates:  Saturday, NOV 23 (10am-7pm)

Food Vendor Fee: $175.00, plus 10% of sales to be collected at 7pm at the end of the event.

Location: Main St., Riverside CA 92522 (Downtown Riverside)


  • Up to 120 Curated Artisan & Vintage Vendors
  • Food Vendors & Trucks
  • Live Music 
  • A vintage "feature" at every event to carry the vintage experience throughout


  • White canopy and weights to secure
  • Table (none provided)
  • Floor reaching table cloths (no plastic) 
  • Some sort of backdrop to your space is required (logo'd banner, burlap or other type of fabric, EZup wall, etc
  • Must meet Riverside County Health Code Requirements &/OR paperwork copies provided to INSPIRED who will submit to the County and require an additional fee.
  • Food Vendors required to obtain City of Riverside Tax certificate.  Below is the link to the application: https://riversideca.gov/businesstax/Apply/GettingStarted/BusinessLicense
  • Set up instructions will be sent out within 2 weeks of the event
  • Tear down no sooner than 7pm when event ends Saturday

      Cancellations within 21 days of an event are not eligible for a credit or refund.

      Cancellations made prior the 21-day window are eligible for a credit which may be used towards ONE event of equal or lesser value.  No refunds or additional credits will be issued for remaining balances.  Use of the credit is a final sale and will not be transferable or refundable.  The credit may be used up to 6 months from the date of issue, and will expire after 6 months. Credits may only be used one time.  No refunds or additional credits will be issued for cancellation of the event for which original credit was utilized.  Failure to appear at a booked event (no-call, now-show) may result in ineligibility of future INSPIRED Vibe events.

      **Your payment serves as your agreement to all of the above.