APPROVED Vendor Event Submissions

If you are an APPROVED vendor, you may submit the form below to request to participate in any of our events!  

We understand the financial and time commitment you make when booking.  In return, it’s our responsibility to curate the best experience for you as a vendor. Previously an approved INSPIRED vendor could sign up for any event.  As our events have grown in popularity, we now require vendors submit their business for events.

This will ensure we don’t saturate a specific genre of vendors, thus diluting your experience. This also allows us to curate a market to best suit the taste of those attending, while providing a great experience for the venue.  You can submit for any/all of our events through one submission, and there is no cost to do so.

Once approved, you'll receive an invoice for the booking fee which is easily paid online.  

You must pay within 5 days of receiving invoice to secure your spot. 


*If you are a new vendor have not yet filled out an application, please click here to apply as a new vendor.  

New Vendor Application