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Barley & Vines - Nov 9th - Merchant Pour Station Fee

Participating as a Barley & Vines pour station provides a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with you and your business.  Show off your space, and enjoy conversations with local community members as they enjoy what you are sampling.

Date: Nov 9, 2019

Time: 4pm-9pm

Location: Historic Main Street, Yorba Linda 

Benefits of Participation Include: 

  • Beer & wine, station display, ABC License, cups
  • Your business listed on event map that each attendee receives
  • Unique marketing exposure as well as an opportunity to invite them back with special offers

Participation Requirements:

  • $150.00 Payment required to confirm you as a Pour Station
  • Signature of ABC License for your location
  • Adherence to requirements as outlined in the Pour Station Agreement

Event Details: 

  • 10 Pour Stations
  • Each Station unique tasting choice of Beer or Wine
  • 3-4 Live Music stages
  • Curated Artisan Market
  • Benefits Main Street Merchants Association
  • Curated Food Vendors
  • Held on Historic Main Street, Yorba Linda
  • Average attendance at similar-style events ~400

**Your payment serves as your agreement to all of the above.